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School shoes review – Bobux Scout and Piper (one year on)



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School shoes review – Bobux Scout and Piper (one year on)

I’ve long been a fan of the Bobux shoes. Their wide toe and flexible sole are perfect for growing feet so as a toddler and pre-schooler, Bobux were the only shoes we bought for Tully. 2020 saw Bobux enter the school shoe market for the first time.


The Bobux Kid+ Scout School Shoe is a black leather style with Velcro straps, while the Piper is their Mary-Jane style school shoe.


Bobux Scout and Piper before after


I covered everything on the style and fitting in my original post here, but the purpose of this post is to update you on how they went after a full year of wear and tear.


Both kids wear their school shoes three days a week, with sports shoes the other two days. Over the past 21 years of being a parent I have tried every school shoe on the market, some have been pretty good, others have fallen apart in the first term. But none of them have lasted like the Bobux ones we had last year. When I say lasted, I don’t just mean that they stayed intact, I mean that they literally didn’t even need polishing. They look almost as good as the day we got them, and they haven’t been polished even once.


To show you how they have lasted, here they are on the day we went into Shoes & Sox to get them in January 2020.


Bobux Scout Piper new school shoes


And here they are now, in January 2021. Yes, there is some wear and tear as you would expect. But they have really lasted.


bobux scout piper school shoes one year


Bobux Scout Piper shoes old back


Mylo has been a bit tougher on his, but he’s a six-year-old boy who still drags his toes a lot when he walks. He also wore them to the beach only days before this pic (who knows why?) and then walked in the water! One of his straps is separating from the Velcro slightly, the rubber front of one is coming away from the leather a little (but it hasn’t turned into a hole) and his leather upper is slightly scuffed.


Tully, who is 8, has no damage to her school shoes at all, not even a little scuff! Her Velcro is intact, and the leather upper hasn’t come away from the rubber at all.


To compare, Mylo has gone through two pairs of sports shoes this year, his first pair falling apart in first term. If they were going to fit them this year, they could keep wearing them without any issue.


Bobux Kid+ school shoes go up to a size 33 (size 2) and you can get fitted for them at Shoes & Sox. For more information visit www.bobux.com.au


These shoes were gifted to me by Bobux, but all opinions are my own.





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