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How Fast Do Kids' Feet Grow?



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How Fast Do Kids' Feet Grow?

Many people view children’s feet as being tiny versions of grown-ups’ feet. They’re not. They're undeveloped, soft, and much more malleable versions of our feet. I mean, they're so delicate that you have to take extra special care with them to avoid developmental problems.


Babies feet look like fat, little pillows. They have a developing heel, no defined arch, and square toes that you may or may not want to gobble up. (Feeling the need to nibble on your adorable baby is called “ cute aggression ” – it’s a real thing!)


As they get older, their bones and muscles develop, leading to a leaner, longer and wider foot. But it still isn’t fully developed until their mid-teens. So how fast do childrens feet grow?


The First 15 Months...

Baby's feet

Babies grow fast. They go from cute little aliens to full-blown mini-people in a matter of months. Their feet also develop quickly, so they will need shoes to suit their developmental stage.


Studies have found that in the first 15 months, babies' feet grow half a size every two months. That could mean over seven sizes long before they’re even two years old! If you’re buying shoes every season, this can quickly add up.


From 15 months to two years, your kid’s feet will grow half a size every two to three months. But hey, at least it’s slowing down at this stage!


It’s important to note that for much of their early life, barefoot is best. Going barefoot aids the natural growth and development of tiny feet, and can help you to avoid foot problems down the track. When your baby can’t go barefoot, a pair of soft sole shoes are a great option.


From the age of two to three years, a child’s feet will continue to grow rapidly with a half a size increase every three to four months. If your hell raiser is cruising, walking with a little help or walking of their own volition, they might need a pair of shoes like Bobux Step Up range.


After 3 Years...

Kids' and Parents' feet after painting

How fast do toddlers feet grow? From three years to five years, your child’s feet continue to grow at a rate of roughly half a size every four months. But the rate of kids foot growth is well and truly slowing down.


Every child is different, so these rules might not fit your child, much like the shoes you bought them a month ago!


As your little troublemaker gets older, they’ll need shoes that suit their needs and their growth spurts. Running, jumping, skipping and climbing requires a good pair of shoes that promote healthy development.


There are lots of variables that may affect your child's foot growth, especially later on in their childhood as hormones start to kick in. Girls’ feet will stop growing at 14, while boys’ feet stop growing at 16.


For shoes for every stage, every age and every size, Bobux has you covered. Our kids’ shoes come with flexible soles that are perfect to nurture their foot development as they grow. They also come in cool designs that kids adore. Check out the entire Bobux range today!