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At-home Style with Kathleen Mowbray



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At-home Style with Kathleen Mowbray

Iso-style means something different to everyone - whether that's sweatpants all day, socks and sandals, dressing half-up for video calls, or business as usual. We checked in with photo taker and content creator Kathleen Mowbray to hear about her at-home style, trends for autumn and winter, and what her kids had to say on the matter. 



Hi my names Kathleen, I am a stay at home mum to Brody (5), Ezra (4) & Malia (2.5). We are located in the Western Bay Of Plenty and I absolutely love it here. I am passionate about photography, and love interior design.

How are you finding being at home with your family right now?

I am loving all the free time and not having to rush anywhere. Hubby is an essential worker so he will head out some days to work.


Talk us through the least glamorous part of your lockdown?

Some days I will be in my pyjamas all day. Most days the kids are fighting the majority of the day, reality though right.

So, are you personally embracing the ‘stay at home style’ or do you feel standards should be maintained?

I am fully embracing the stay at home style, nothing glamorous. I will occasionally dress up and pop a little bit of makeup on.



How much negotiation goes into choosing your kids outfits or do you let your kids choose, and has that changed since lockdown?

I let the kids choose their outfits daily. Unless I need to get a photo for content or if I am posting a photo on instagram, I will ask them to put on an outfit I’ve chosen. The kids are always happy to wear anything I’ve asked them to. Not much has changed since lockdown.


What have your kids been wearing these last few weeks?

The kids have been wearing old clothes as they’ve spent their days outside playing in the dirt and making mud cakes.


For anyone that is perhaps looking to make some online purchases to change up their kids wardrobes what colours or trends would you say are hot for Autumn/Winter 20?

I am loving all the earthy tones, mustard and rust that are in at the moment. I just come across items I like and I’ll purchase them.



Are your kids’ wardrobes full of prominent colours and the latest trends or is it mostly classic and timeless looks?

The kids wardrobes have all the latest trends, but I wouldn’t say they are prominent colours. Mostly neutrals, and mustard.


Who are your icons and inspirations ( whether adult or kids designers / celebrities / influencers?

I love a lot of NZ designers, Mahsa, Caitlin Crisp, Marle, Beiged Store. And for the kids Hello Stranger, Huxbaby, Rylee and Cru, Jamie Kay. The list goes on.


What are some must-have kids’ accessories for Autumn/Winter20?

Definitely Bobux shoes. My kids live in them all year round. And a animal print rain jacket - my kids have been wearing theirs each day as the cold weather has hit, it's been crazy windy here in NZ and also the weather can be so unpredictable.



What clothing advice would you recommend to fellow parents with young children?

I would recommend buying quality over quantity. It will last, and when my kids grow out of their clothing I will either resell or hand down to the next child.


How well do you feel Bobux shoes match your kids’ style?

I feel that Bobux shoes suit all the items I dress my kids in. Doesn’t matter what colour the shoes are, they always match, that's what I love. 

Bobux believes in balance between form and function ( so it needs to look cool but must be practical too). What is your philosophy on form vs function? I.e. the fit and comfort of the shoes you buy versus the design and look?

I am all for a good looking pair of shoes, but at the end of the day I want my child to be comfortable in them. So to have a pair of shoes that look great and are comfortable is a win, that's what I love about Bobux. Always bringing out the gorgeous styles, and my kids love the shoes and always want to wear them.






We also had a few questions for Kathleen's two boys, Brody (5) and Ezra (4), to hear their take on their at-home get ups. 



What is the best thing about being home all day?

Brody: I get to play outside in the dirt with my diggers and trucks.
Ezra: I get to chase Ivy, our dog, around our backyard.


What is your favourite thing to wear at home?

Brody: My Hi-Vis vest
Ezra: My Hi-Vis vest


Brody: All my shorts because I don’t like pants. 
What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

Ezra: My gumboots, because they’re like daddy’s.

If you had the choice to wear Pj’s all day or clothes what would you choose?

Brody: I would choose to wear my clothes because Pj’s are for sleeping.
Ezra: I would wear my clothes


Disclaimer: Their Pj's are awesome and we would totally wear them all day.