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The Kids Fashion Design Trends We Predict for 2017



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The Kids Fashion Design Trends We Predict for 2017

Choosing clothes for the kids can be a real hassle sometimes. You’ve got to find that perfect balance of practicality and cool – and options they’ll like enough to wear themselves. (Disclaimer: what you think is cool and they think is cool can be very different things.)

We're taking a punt at some of the emerging kids fashion trends we expect to see in 2017. The three trends we've listed below have a lot going for them - but ultimately, it's all about the comfort, colour and little details your kids will love.

As always, what’s cool on you sometimes seems even cooler on the kids. Look for mini versions of the latest fashions (but with kids' needs in mind). Coordinate their outfits with yours and buy quality children’s clothing so they’ll survive play time.

Tropical Kitsch

boy in Hawaiian shirtSource:

You probably remember those awful hibiscus prints from the early 2000s, a mixture of tropical and everything daggy about the new millennium. Don’t fret! In 2017 you won’t see this particular exotic trend replicated. Tropical Kitsch is far cooler.

With Disney’s latest movie Moana premiering soon, don’t be surprised if the kids are begging for an island holiday, which should be far more relaxing than the holiday you took after Frozen.

Harking back to the calypso trend of the fifties, Hawaiian shirts with kitschy prints featuring tropical birds are in for 2017. So too are floral and pineapple cotton dresses.

Bright yellows, corals and greens will rule the day. Chambray denims and the hugely popular Banana leaf prints of 2016 will be returning.

Accessorise with Ray-Bans and Trilby straw hats, and some comfy sandals in Apple Green or Fuchsia.

Fairy-Tale Glamour

If your kids are obsessed with anything that sparkles, Fairy-Tale Glamour might just have them behaving like well-behaved princes and princesses. (That, or they may start acting like demanding little divas!)

Pink dresses made of lace and tulle, embroidered with sparkly appliques are a must-have for any little girl’s wardrobe in 2017. Vests, suspenders and bow ties are essential accessories for little sirs. But don’t be afraid of adding a little sparkle to his wardrobe too with a sparkly, floral boutonniere.

girl in tulle dress and flower crown

Fairy-Tale Glamour is perfect for those special events, weddings, and parties. The gorgeous dresses and suave suits will leave you and the kids swimming in compliments. Perhaps we’ll go so far as to say the kids may be so enamoured by their new sparkly outfits they might actually keep them clean! (Oh, who are we kidding?)

In 2017, keep your eyes peeled for ruffles, frills and braided trim. Colours that will feature heavily in this trend include creams, silvers, golds, mauves, pinks and Tiffany blue.

Pair those glamorous outfits with accessories like bowler hats (which can look cool on boys and girls), metallic ballet flats, and flower crowns.

Bohemian Chic

girl in bohemian trousersSource:

Bohemian Chic is perfect for little explorers and mimics the authentic look of their natural surroundings. The effortlessly cool style is perfect for Saturday markets, festivals, bike rides and camping trips.

Colourful paisley prints, distressed and chambray denim and embroidered cheese cloth floral dresses are reminiscent of the sixties. Couple simple outfits with feather accessories, faux fur vests and felt hats.

Put your kids in natural colours like greens, browns and dusty pinks. They’ll need comfortable shoes to go with their bohemian outfits; leather boots, moccasins and tan sandals are the perfect finishing touches.

For shoes that will coordinate with any of these kids fashion designs, Bobux has a huge range that is cool and comfy. And while you're here, check out our Bobux blog for more tips to make raising your own little a hell-raiser a whole lot easier!