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Playtime with 'What Would Karl Do?' and Bobux [Guest Post]



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Playtime with 'What Would Karl Do?' and Bobux [Guest Post]

This week we hang out with Jess Dempsey (founder of What Would Karl Do?) and her two kids as they play with a train set in the new Bobux Play shoes. Here's what Jess had to say:

By Jess Dempsey
Photography by Lisa Frieling (@lisalousie,

I am a mum of two boys, two opposite boys, opposite in every way. Aston, the eldest, loves to sit and play with his trains, build blocks and learn about numbers and letters. Will…well, as you can see in these cute photos of them 'playing together' he is always half off his chair, ready to run, jump, kick a ball and get himself dirty in any way possible.

The one thing my boys have in common? Their matching clothes I dress them in (stage mum) and their matching Bobux shoes. My boys are both Bobux ambassadors and both love wearing their cool and fun Bobux shoes that works well with whatever personality they may have.

As you might have known, I am a fashion mum, I live and breathe fashion and love my boys to look their best. I have struggled for so long to find really cool boys shoes that are not only attractive looking but also practical for them to run around in. The day Bobux knocked on my email door, I was hooked!

I also have to mention that, as my boys grow and head off to kindergarten, they’re expected to do things for themselves and the velcro is a Godsend for this and for teaching them how to put their shoes on and off quickly and easily by themselves when mummy isn't there (we all know boys don't have the patience to waste time doing their shoes up when their mates are already out the door).

Actually, the other day we were out and about when a friend said to me, "Oh! You have Bobux shoes too?! Everyone has them and I heard a shop in my area always sells out of them." So it seems that so many of you already know about Bobux, I don't really need to say any more, other than that we’re really proud to represent such a great brand that puts the foot health and enjoyment (and style) of our kids first.

Jess Dempsey founded Australian fashion blog What Would Karl Do in 2010 after a trip to Paris inspired her to continue her fashion and styling passion. Using her visual merchandising and styling experience, Jess quickly made a name for herself, seamlessly showing off the best high street and high end offerings and growing into a recognizable brand. Now her two beautiful boys also feature, such as on this post…

If you agree with Jess' sentiment on Bobux or want to find out more about the shoes Aston and Will are wearing, make sure you click the link! Or read more blog posts here.