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Shining a Spotlight on Metallics



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Shining a Spotlight on Metallics

If you’ve ever let your child dress themselves, you’ll know they can come up with some pretty out-there ensembles. It’s usually a weird hodgepodge of fashion styles, but one thing that always seems to make its way into the mix is a bit of bling.

It’s undeniable; Kids love all things that glitter. Thankfully, there are some pretty fab styles out there that manage to pull off the metallic look without going over the top. Below are some of our fave styles and ideas for incorporating metallic colours – gold, silver, copper and more – into your kid’s outfits.

Bold Metallics

girl in gold jacketSource: Kidswear Magazine

Why not go big? There’s no shame in it. Embrace the metallic with this daring look – a bold, all-out block of gold or silver in a jacket, dress or pants.

If your child is outgoing, extroverted, and loves to shine, can you seriously go past this look? In the picture above, the ensemble works because there are subtle hues underneath so the gold stands out more – and the blue-grey base layers match the girl’s eyes perfectly.

So our tip for this look is simple. Choose a statement piece and mix it with darker, basic clothes to balance out the effect.

Subtle Accents

girl in dress with gold detailingSource: Trendy Outlook

More often than not, gold or silver in an outfit takes on a subtlety that adds just the right amount of sparkle to an outfit – perfect for the boy or girl who likes a more discreet glow.

In the picture above, for example, the girl’s classy outfit takes on a touch of elegance with a bit of gold filigree and elevates the subdued get-up to something fun and light-hearted.

Shiny Accessories

girl in ray bansSource: Vittamina

The metallic look doesn’t have to be limited to gold and silver – why not think about awesome colours like metallic pinks, purples, blues and greens.

Nor does it need to feature in the clothes. For some, it’s all about the accessories. Like the girl above, who oozes attitude with her oversize reflective Ray Bans and jewel necklace.

You can dress it up or down as much as you like, but using simple shades in the clothes gives you greater licence to add as much (or as little!) glamour as you like in the accessories.

Black and Gold: The Perfect Combo

boy in black and gold top celebrating birthday
Source: Etsy

There’s something about this look that simply works. Black on its own can often come across as bland. Throw in a dash of gold, and suddenly the outfit looks effortlessly cool – and much more youthful too.

Perhaps it's the gold sparkle on his top (though I suspect it's more the cake he's just consumed!) but this kid is rearing to go! A perfect example of how metallics work just as well on boys as they do on girls.

A Spot of Silver in Your Kids Shoes

girl in silver hi tops

A simple outfit looks so much better with a pair of snazzy shoes. Add a splash – or a whole load! – of silver to those shoes and your look will rocket up the fashionable chart.

Metallic kicks are all the rage – and with a standard block-coloured outfit, the silver will stand out all the more.

With our Bobux i-Walk range, you can find a dash of metallic on our range of girls sandals or tastefully bold all-colour sneakers your child will love!

A Flash of Metal Foil

boy in black bodysuit with gold foilSource: Etsy

To end our ode to metallic fashion, I couldn’t resist throwing in this pic. Gold and silver foiled t-shirts are perhaps the most common way to slip a little polish on your child’s outfit.

Something as fun and quirky as this outfit is sure to brighten up your day!

Check out some of our other kids fashion ideas on the Bobux blog today or get shopping with our i-Walk range to dazzle up your kid's outfits!