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Melbourne Mamma’s Guide to Bobux Boots [Guest Post]



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Melbourne Mamma’s Guide to Bobux Boots [Guest Post]

This week’s post is written by Tracey, bona fide shopaholic and founder of popular blog Melbourne Mamma, which features the latest sales, stores and must have items for babies, kids and adults alike.

Although we’ve been enjoying a mostly sunny and warm start to autumn here in Melbourne, it seems that winter is now well and truly on the way, which means it’s time to go shopping for a new winter wardrobe – yippee!

Warm and comfy boots for the kids are at the top of my winter shopping list. And perhaps a pair (or three) for myself too ;)

When I’m shopping for boots for my kids, I have three essential criteria:

  • They must provide support and comfort for growing feet.·
  • They must be good quality, as well as value for money.
  • They also have to look good – because let’s face it, if the kids don’t like the look of them, they’re never going to wear them (or is that just my kids???).

Thankfully, Bobux saves the day by meeting all of the criteria with their latest range of kid’s boots.


Bobux are world renowned experts when it comes to little feet and for more than 20 years they have been working closely with internationally recognised footwear specialists and podiatrists to ensure their shoes continue to meet the unique needs of each developmental milestone, and ensure parental peace of mind.

When you think how much time kids spend on their feet every single day, it seems only logical that you want them wearing the best.

Bobux have three ranges of shoes for little feet, all of which feature very specific attributes that promote natural foot development, whatever stage your child is at.

Here are my favourite children’s boots this winter.

Soft Sole


Designed for newborns and pre-walkers, Soft Sole boots allow the foot to flex and grip, refine and strengthen, giving little ones the perfect introduction to footwear.

Step Up


Step Ups are designed to meet the needs of children learning to walk or new to walking. They’re perfect for little ones who are ready to stand up and start exploring the world.



I-Walks are designed for little ones who are confident walkers and out and about - running, jumping and climbing. For kids who love to play and get outdoors, these hi tops are essential – all year round.


When my kids were little, I worried so much about them wrecking their nice shoes that they hardly got to wear them. Now I wish I had let them run around, jump in puddles, climb trees and have fun. They’re only young once and life is too short to worry about that!

Be sure to get in while stocks last, and don’t forget to check out Bobux’s expertise and design philosophy here.