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Choosing the Right Kids Shoes for Summer



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Choosing the Right Kids Shoes for Summer

Amid all the excitement of the upcoming summer: the anticipation of those long balmy days that stretch on longer than a Lord of the Rings movie, the lovely weather simply made for a nice glass of pinot gris and a book, all those lovely, billowy blouses you can finally pull out of your wardrobe again…

Amid all that, it can be easy to overlook your kids’ shoes. But never fear; we’re all human and there’s still plenty of time.

When it comes to kid’s summer footwear, a lot comes down to practicality. There’ll be occasions where sandals are needed, others where light, protective shoes will work best.

Of course, they still need to be easy to get on-and-off and preferably lightweight so they feel great and so you can pack them in your burgeoning suitcase, alongside all the toys and knick-knacks that you can’t leave home without for fear of tantrums at the airport and beyond.

Another point to consider is durability. While summer shoes are normally lighter and made with different materials, that doesn’t mean they have to be brittle and flimsy. We like to say that if your 12 pack of toilet paper lasts longer than your kid’s summer shoes, something’s very wrong.

And finally, there’s nothing like summer to bring out the best (and worst) in fashion. It’s a great time to show off your kid’s shoes but in order to do so you have to ensure they’re stylish and attractive.

There are a lot of options available to you, but since we’re a Bobux blog, what better way to highlight the key points than to illustrate this with some of our latest products?

Xplorer Freestyle

Bobux XPLORER Freestyle Canvas in yellow

The Xplorer Freestyle, part of our famous Xplorer range, is the right choice for summer, mostly because of the breathable, stylish and flexible designs. Made from cotton canvas, these shoes allow your kid’s feet to breathe and move without sacrificing quality. The innovative outsole protects the bottom of their feet and is strong and sturdy, great for those beach walks along the rocks.

Reef Sandal

Bobux Reef Sandal in blue

Ever popular, these Reef Sandals and the other styles in this range are perfect for summertime. A modern take on the Roman sandal, these have been ergonomically designed to match the contours of your kid’s natural foot shape, and are engineered for flexibility and an easy fit. It’s this type of innovation to look out when hunting for your cherub’s shoes this season.

Sherbet Sandal

Bobux Sherbert Sandal in pale pink

Girls are spoilt for choice in terms of footwear. Alongside canvas shoes and sandals are T Bar and Mary Jane styles (to name a couple). This adorable Sherbet Sandal is both stylish and practical, finding that balance between form and function. Your lil’ princess will love these protective, lightweight sandals. And designed for first walkers, their feet will love the unique, anatomical shape and movement.

Wildflower Mary Jane

Bobux Wildflower Mary Jane in Red

Always among our bestsellers, our Mary Jane range comes in a host of colours and styles but we’re loving this Pompeii Red Mary Jane, with the vivid colour and beautiful wildflower detailing adding a bit of fun. These look absolutely stunning under a summery dress or skirt. What’s more, the soft leather strap supports their cute lil’ feet by holding them in place and makes them super easy to get on.

Of course these are just guidelines, some tips on what to look out for before summer kicks into gear. We highly recommend reading our earlier blog post about 5 reasons your kids should have the right shoes and our 4 step fitting guide. And please feel free to browse our full range if you so desire here.