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Kids Fashion: Great Style Ideas for Your Children



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Kids Fashion: Great Style Ideas for Your Children

Over the years, we’ve collected some truly cute and stunning photos of kids wearing Bobux shoes. Often we focus on the shoes (for obvious reasons) but the fashions and clothing are great too, offering colour, charm and cuteness, all packed into one.

Toddler clothing and fashion has come on leaps and bounds over the years so we’re excited to show you some of our favourite images of kids decked out in great clothing styles.

Kids Fashion Blogger

Kids Fashion Blogger Gigi Shows Off her Bobux Shoes

We love Kids Fashion Blogger, which is no surprise when you see gorgeous pictures like this one. Here, Gigi is wearing a lovely shirt and cord pants from Carrement Beau along with her Bobux shoes.

Carrement Beau uses their French roots to great effect with stunning colours and those little Parisian details you’ll fall in love with.

The good news is that they make clothes for up to 16 year olds, so you’ll be able to clothe your little one in style for yonks. The bad news is that Carrement Beau isn’t easily found in Australia or New Zealand. But that’s nothing a quick Google search won’t fix.

Styling the Tribe


It’s fitting that these cheeky young rapscallions are clad in Chikhi clothing. And don’t they just look great? We love the monochrome look of this image (and of course how well their clothes match our classic Bobux shoes).

(While we’re here, congrats to Carla and the rest of the tribe for the birth of her fourth boy, Salesi. We can’t wait to see him grow. One thing we know is that he’ll do so in style!)

The Young Mummy


Oh, Bobby. How do you get cuter with each photo? I’m sure that’s a question Sophie (aka The Young Mummy) asks all the time.

In this instance, that mystery is aided by those denim jeans, but the real winner here is the awesome chunky leopard knit cardigan (which kid wouldn’t want one of these?), both items fashioned by Beau Hudson.

An Aussie brand, Beau Hudson has been around since 2013 after mum Sash Deacon was inspired by her two sons. The brand prides itself on adding that extra bit of style and pop of colour to their great unisex range.

What Would Karl Do


As you probably saw from What Would Karl Do’s playtime guest post we published last month, Aston and Will are all about style and effortless cool. In fact, they’re dressed much more sharply than anyone here in the Bobux office – and we’re not exactly slouches.

In this picture, which shows off our Play range of shoes, Aston is dressed in Guess Kids. Their tagline is Instant Cuteness, and it’s hard to disagree when you see styles like the sharp denim jacket and rolled up chinos.

Little Hepburn Flat Lay


Flat lays are a great way to focus on the clothes themselves, and we were chuffed to be included in this brilliant autumnal spread by Little Hepburn.

So firstly the dress, which is a handcrafted piece by Belle Violette. This boutique Aussie company, created by Grace McKeone, specialises in clothing for little girls, and is well worth checking out. The bow is by Penny and Elke, bow experts, while the socks come from Kiwi brand Lamington Socks.

Girls Talk to Boys


Just a fantastic image by the team over at Girls Talk to Boys, an English kids clothing brand. The composition and gritty urban nature of the shot are excellent and this backdrop really accentuates the fashion.

The clothes here are a combination of Girls Talk to Boys and Mini Rodini, a Swedish clothing brand for children 0-11 years, which was designed as a tribute to children’s imagination. As you can imagine, they do a wonderful range of wacky items.

Aside from showing you how well Bobux shoes work with a diverse and colourful range of kid’s fashions, we hope this post has given you some inspirational fashion ideas next time you’re on the hunt for your bub’s garments.

The kids in these pictures are awesome and we’re proud they wear Bobux as their shoes of choice. Click here find all the info you need about our shoes … their promotion of foot health, the different styles and much more.