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Kids Fashion Blogger Goes Out and About with Bobux [Guest Post]



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Kids Fashion Blogger Goes Out and About with Bobux [Guest Post]

This week, we head out with Kids Fashion Blogger founder Sandi and her adorable daughter Gigi in her new pairs of Bobux shoes. Here’s what she had to say:

Out and about with BOBUX

To say that our lifestyle is busy is an understatement. To say Gigi is busy, well, busy doesn’t even begin to cut it!

My little three year old Giselle loves to play and explore; she has no fear. Every morning her first words to me are, “Mummy, what are we doing today?” At which point I give her a rundown of what’s on for the day.

The next question is working out what she wants to wear. Gigi always has an input – or the last say if she’s being a threenager! The biggest issue I always have with her is around shoes. She has to be comfortable and she has to love them or she won’t wear them.

We are all big fans of BOBUX - but Gigi is the biggest. She loves that she can put them on herself. She loves that they are comfortable and she loves that they make her go faster!

I love them as they are designed for busy little feet, made so well that they last the distance and of course stylish to keep me happy. Style is big on my list!

Let me take you out and about with us and BOBUX!

Gigi was beyond excited when I showed her the new BOBUX I-walk Fuchsia Empire Trainers. These super cute, fun shoes can be teamed up with any outfit. We headed out walking, riding and having fun! How fun is the gingham print? I love that it’s something different.

One thing Gigi loves is to feel like she is a princess, and princesses wear tutus and dresses. BOBUX have a super cute range of Mary Janes and sandals to accompany such little princess outfits!

They’ll keep their little toes safe plus they’re easy to get off and on while you’re out and about. Gigi wears BOBUX I-walk Lotus Sorbet Sandals, which are perfect for any little princess. They are classic in tone and style so will be a good staple to any girl’s wardrobe.

We love being out and about and we hope you enjoyed being out with us! I’m one happy Mumma when my baby is all smiles all day, especially when she’s having fun in comfort!

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Bio about Kids Fashion Blogger

Kids Fashion Blogger (KFB) specialises in on-trend fashion for girls. Creatively curated, fun and beautiful, KFB inspires kids and parents alike with fashion and lifestyle inspiration. From everyday labels to luxury brands, the blog utilises blog founder Sandi’s bountiful experience in the fashion industry and her adorable daughters Gigi and Bella.

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