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The 5 Top Kid-Friendly Cafes in Auckland



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The 5 Top Kid-Friendly Cafes in Auckland

Auckland, we know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for your ‘top kid friendly cafes’ instalment, ever since we announced you’d be next in our kid friendly cafes in Melbourne post.

You’re beautiful people, all you Auckland mums and dads who’ve supported us along this special 25 year journey. Mwah, that’s a virtual kiss on the cheek: we salute you.

We imagine you lying awake at night, exhausted after finally coaxing your pumpkins to sleep, and as you listen to every cough and splutter from the adjacent room, praying it’s not a virus intent on ruining your sleep pattern for a week – we’ve all been there – you allow yourself to drift off, your mind freed by the knowledge that soon, very soon, Bobux will be showcasing some great kid-friendly cafes.

Or maybe not…

But it’s this type of pressure that helps us thrive…the overwhelming desire not to let you good folks down. Over the past week, we’ve traversed across Auckland like conquistadors, finding those hidden gems that even us native Aucklanders may have missed.

Little King Café, Milford

We’ll start on the North Shore with this little gem of a café, recommended to us by one of our loyal Bobux customers.

The Little King Café is a neighbourhood favourite, especially with young mums. The founder set out to create a café that was kid-friendly – the ‘little’ in the name refers to kids.

They succeeded; the café features a cosy play area with a range of toys and books to keep the little ones happy as well as stroller access and change rooms in the bathroom.

An even bigger plus is the quality of the food and coffee: we had a wonderful Portobello mushroom and hash brown stack.

The Little King Cafe

The Little King Café is a popular Milford destination (Picture courtesy of: Pinterest)

Catroux Café, Westmere

Across the Harbour Bridge and down West End Road and you’ll reach the Catroux Café, a staple of Westmere.

Their display cabinet is brimming with nutritious salads and mouth-watering Paninis. But what we really love is the selection of great cakes on offer. We dare you to resist them.

The kids, meanwhile, having ordered from the special kids’ menu, will be ensconced in the sandpit or with the many toys on offer

Mum and daughter enter the catroux cafe

Kids and families alike can enjoy the tasty fare at Catroux (Picture courtesy of: Localist NZ )

Frolic Café, Royal Oak

Bordering the serene Cornwall Park and shadowed by One Tree Hill is Frolic Café, a popular Epsom institution. The café itself is modern and hip and we love the deck area out the back and the courtyard seating out front.

We liked the food and coffee, but what we recommend is taking some snacks and drinks across the road to the park. There’s a playground nearby, which the kids are bound to love.

Frolic offers its own fun kid’s menu too.

Customers enjoying the outdoor area at Frolic Cafe

Patrons enjoy the weather, and some good quality tucker, in the al fresco dining area (Picture courtesy of: Frolic Café )

The Tannery, New Lynn

The Tannery is the flagship café of Mt. Atkinson Coffee. As such, they make some of the best coffee around and serve up some fantastic food too, in collaboration with Kohu Road Ice Cream and Best Ugly Bagels.

Situated inside a large, warehouse-style space (it used to be an actual tannery), the café has a lovely modern and minimal feel. In one portion of this large space is a caravan, which is filled with all manner of books and toys to keep the munchkin’s entertained for hours.

You can also hire the space for birthdays and wedding receptions for up to 120 people.

Customers enjoy dining in The Tannery

The caravan (top right) makes a worthy play area while you enjoy some great coffee (Picture courtesy of: Mt. Atkinson Coffee)

Café Windsor, Mairangi Bay

On this convoluted circular tour of Auckland, we’ve ended up back on the North Shore at Café Windsor, the national award winner for the Best Breast Feeding Café.

Honestly, we had no idea this award existed but hey, you learn something new every day right? Yesterday I learnt that airplane sewage doesn’t actually get expelled from the plane during flight; it’s just stored and vacuumed out upon reaching a destination…it’s surprising that anything ever gets done, what with them taking the piss all the time.

Moving on, rapidly. This lovely family-friendly café with its own fenced playground. Café Windsor has a very relaxed feel, which means you’ll be happy to stay for hours while the kids run around.

Play area at Cafe Windsor

The kids will love this bright and appealing space at Café Windsor (Picture courtesy of: Auckland for Kids)

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