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How to keep the kids busy on a wet day



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How to keep the kids busy on a wet day

Struggling with keeping the little ones occupied on a wet day? Most of these activities work equally well for a child who's been sick and is on the mend but isn’t well enough to return to school or daycare.

Make ice-cream!

Take a frozen banana, blend it in a food processor with a teaspoon or more of good quality cocoa and a splash of whatever milk you prefer and voila, you have soft serve ice-cream. You can also pat yourself on the back for using up those frozen bananas you put away for that banana cake you know you’ll never make.

Make a fort

Take an old sheet, cut out holes for windows and a door, drape it over your kitchen table and it’s a fort. Put down some cushions and a cosy blanket inside (for your little one not you!) All going to plan you should get enough time to have a cup of tea in peace. This also works well on sunny days with an outside table and it’s a good way to keep your little ones in the shade.

Go on a safari

First, make some binoculars by taping two toilet rolls together. Then hide animal toys in your living room. Depending on how pedantic your little one is you don’t need to be too choosy about how accurate your safari is. Recently dinosaurs, native birds, seals, rhinos, lions and kittens were all spotted living in harmony on our safari. Pull the couch out from the wall and it becomes a safari truck. Where have all the animals gone? Take your binoculars, go on safari and find them. But make sure you pack some snacks to have while looking for wildlife.

entertaining kids on rainy days little girl using toilet paper binoculars on an indoor safari

Do a Marie Kondo

Pull out as many of your child’s clothes as you can handle and pile them up on the floor in the middle of their bedroom. Sort out with them what to keep and what to give away and get your child to help you fold and pack the give away clothes. This helps them understand the concept of giving away nice things to people who could use them. If you’re brave you can try it with toys although when I did this with my two-and-a-half year old she insisted that she needed all of her toys so good luck with that.

Create a dress up kit

Cut a simple crown shape out of cardboard and decorate it together. Add some bead necklaces and old clothes to a box for a dress-up kit. A tea towel or tablecloth makes a great cape.

Have an indoor picnic

Put a blanket down by some windows where you can see the rain, pack a basket with finger food, cups, plates and cutlery and serve lunch on the floor. Don’t forget to pack a thermos flask of coffee for yourself.

If all else fails dress them in jackets and boots, give them an umbrella and let them run around outside in the rain.