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The Perfect Present: 6 Baby Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use



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The Perfect Present: 6 Baby Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use

Becoming a parent for the first time – and second, and third! – can be a strain on both the new parents’ finances and their nerves. So why not make it easier for them with a gift that will prove truly useful?

There are plenty of gifts for newborns out there, but so many of them are useless, cutesy knickknacks soon tossed in the bin. You don’t have to look far to find a gift that will add value – whether financial or practical – to the new parents’ lives.

Infant carrier sling

baby in infant carrier sling being worn by mother

More and more studies are showing a carried baby means a happier baby. Invest in a quality baby carrier that will not just support the parent as they hug their baby to their chest, but can also look good too.

With baby carrier slings and wraps becoming increasingly popular, styles are improving as well (check out the Hug-a-bub range if you don’t believe us). These Lalabu Soothe Shirts are also marvellous for new mums, enabling them to look good whether they’re carrying their newborn in the fitted pouch or not.

Nappies and wipes

Many parents find their budgets – and more especially their time – stretched to the limits after they’ve brought the bub home. A gift pack including nappies and wipes doesn’t sound like much, but new parents will be grateful for that additional supply when they’re down to their last nappy and simply too frazzled to make yet another trip to the supermarket.

Make sure the present fits the parent; disposably nappies won’t go down a treat for the green-thinking mums and dads considering environmentally-friendly, reusable cloth nappies.

The classy nappy bag

Gucci Nappy Bag

Mums and dads these days aren’t just defined by their parenthood. They’re modern men and women who want to remain a part of the world they’ve brought their bub into.

Parenthood doesn’t have to mean you forego fashion for practicality; it’s possible to combine the two! And that’s what many designers (including Gucci) are doing. Nappy bags don’t need to be baby pink with cartoon characters on them anymore. Gift the mum a stylish canvas diaper handbag. Fathers don’t need to miss out either; Diaper Dude supplies some pretty snazzy messenger nappy bags for the modern man.

Portable baby harness

little boy sitting in portable baby harness

Keep the new parents mobile with a portable chair they can string up at any location. After all, why should parents be confined to their home because of their bub?

Portable baby chairs make the new parents’ favourite restaurants and friends’ houses baby friendly. Your gift will eliminate their anxiety about heading out anywhere for fear of high chair unavailability. BambinOz supplies a versatile, trendy range of portable fabric baby chairs.

Quality shoes

little girl wearing bobux shoes

Look in any new baby’s wardrobe and you’ll find an enviable range of clothes fit to rival Paris Hilton’s. Baby clothes are the number one baby present item for many a gift giver. But few people think about the shoes.

Purchase a flexible pair of shoes for the growing bub. Make sure they will not only look swish but offer comfort and a healthy fit for the baby’s feet. The Bobux newborn soft sole range is a perfect example, designed to be cosy on the newborn’s feet, while allowing room to move and grow.

Date night certificate

This one is really for the mums and pops (but if we’re honest, what baby gift isn’t really for the parents?). Give the new parents some peace of mind, some time alone, and an escape from the baby talk with vouchers for the cinemas and the offer of a night’s babysitting.

After all, babies may look adorable, but they can be hard work. The gift of a well-earned break will mean more to new parents than you will ever know (unless you’ve been there yourself!).

A Surprise for Mama

Another mama-oriented gift idea is this fabulous concept from #mumlifeproject, which is a fantastic resource for mum's to "share, encourage, support and inspire". But what we really love are their 'Mama Packs' - three surprise gift sets - that are guaranteed to be filled with all sorts of lovely things a mama will love (and use).

Have you been gifted a truly memorable newborn present? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below. And for more baby gift ideas, check out our full range of award-winning baby shoes.