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5 Emerging European Fashion Designers You’ll Want to Keep an Eye On



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5 Emerging European Fashion Designers You’ll Want to Keep an Eye On

Continuing with our up-and-coming designers series, we move into Europe. This continent has always been known for its trend-setting ways, from Parisian elegant to Berlin quirky.

We’ll always be grateful for the show-stopping fashions coming out of Europe. And so, in full celebration of their courage and charisma, here are our top European fashion designers…

Au Jour Le Jour

Picture: Vogue Runway

Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez created Au Jour Le Jour in 2010 and since then it has gained a worldwide following.

The designs feature playful, graphic prints which create a casual feel. The brand is all about fun clothing made well. All the designs are made in Italy as this is part of their philosophy of premium quality garments.

Christina Economou

Christina Economou embroidered dress

Picture: Christina Economou

Athens-based designer, Chistina Economou is focused on becoming internationally successful. Her ambition is certainly inspiring and (we think!), with her amazing designs, it’s bound to happen.

All her clothing is produced in Greece and, for an extra special touch, she has even found a place near Turkey that collects silk worms locally to make the fabric she uses for her clothing.

Her designs focus on beautiful prints, rich fabrics and unconventional cuts. The finished style is effortless and unique, making the pieces very wearable.


Wunderkind runway show

Picture: Vogue UK

Wunderkind is a German fashion brand created by Wolfgang Joop and his partner Edwin Lemberg in 2003. Because Wolfang Joop is a painter, the aim of their brand is to create designs that are like pieces of art, with an attempt to stray from any conventions.

What can you expect with Wunderkind? Sophisticated pieces with a heavy use of tweed and tartan mixtures.

Mauro Gasperi

Mauro Gasperi green outfitPicture: Mauro Gasperi

Italian designer Mauro Gasperi was originally an architect. You can see traces of architectural influence in his clothing line. He uses geometrical details to express his idea of femininity: “A renewed, cosmopolitan and urban one, with a casual, free and contemporary spirit”.

His designs feature clean cuts with contrasting materials and colours that are easy to wear. The man has a knack for creating a beautiful silhouette! Those ladies out there who love a clean and minimal silhouette will love Gasperi’s designs.

Bobby Kolade

Bobby Kolade white suit

Picture: Deux Hommes

Born in Sudan but now in Germany, Bobby Kolade is part of an emerging trend in the fashion world to promote ‘eco-fashion’. He launched his own label in 2013 and it has continued to grow ever since!

As his designs are ethical, he doesn't use fur and instead ops for interesting sustainable materials, such as bark from a Ugandan fig tree.

His pieces are an extraordinary mix of textures and colours.

Bobby also uses his designs to make political statements about the fashion industry in regards to the labour used to create some clothing.

He already has a few fashion awards under his belt so he's certainly one to watch in the upcoming years.


And now you’ve got a bit of inspiration, who's your favourite European fashion designer? While you’re here, read up on emerging fashion designers in Australia, the UK and New Zealand as well!