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Create Magic Moments with Your Little One [Guest Post]



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Create Magic Moments with Your Little One [Guest Post]

Fiona Wright is the Editor-in-Chief of Mother & Baby and Pregnancy Life & Style magazines and mum to a busy toddler. In the rush of everyday life and an endless list of chores, she explains why it’s so important to take the time to build happy memories with her son.

By stopping for a few minutes – or even a few seconds and enjoying togetherness with my little one, we create magic moments in our daily routine.

Sing a Song at the Change Table

Whether it’s time for a nappy change or I’m dressing my son Jake, after a bath, I always sing a song to him. It might be a nursery rhyme or something fun I’ve made up but a little song helps get him changed quickly with minimal fuss and wriggling.

Say Cheers!

When Jake and I are having a drink at the same time, I raise my glass to his Sippy cup and I smile and say, “Cheers!” He always responds with a big grin and a “cheers!".

Shoes On, Let's Go

Mornings are hectic and there is always a lot to get done before rushing out the door. I give myself reminders to slow down and make the time for him and squeeze in plenty of cuddles. As part of our daily routine I make putting on his shoes – Bobux preferably – a job that he’s involved in. Jake knows when I call out, “shoes on, let’s go!” that it’s time for an outing. I love watching him rush off to collect his shoes and bring them back to me to put on for him.

portrait of Fiona from Bauer Media and her son Jake.

Car-Seat Kiss

At times, the last thing Jake wants is to be strapped into his car seat. His back will arch and it can be a real chore. Even at some of the more challenging car seat encounters, before placing Jake into his seat and after I click the buckle into place, I always kiss his soft little cheeks. It helps me pause and appreciate my little buddy.

Keep It Simple

Kids love a slower pace of life. They don’t like to be rushed, they like to walk slowly, explore the world around them and be completely in the moment. They are certainly not worrying about schedules or housework. For this reason, sometimes it really is best to forget about doing the dishes and getting to that pile of washing because what matters most to your little one is having your undivided attention.

Bonding Over Books

Reading a story isn’t just a routine saved for bedtime. I will often grab a selection of books and Jake and I will snuggle up together and read and look at the pictures and I’ll ask him questions about colours and the characters we can see. Sometimes I’ll put on funny voices for the different characters and add in physical actions wherever possible.

Build the Excitement

My perception of activities determines how Jake will view them, which is why I try to inject excitement into some of the most boring jobs. Before hanging the washing out, going to the shops, collecting the mail etc. I will prep him by excitedly saying, “Guess what! This is going to be so much fun. C’mon I’ll show you...” Then I’ll involve him in the activity by asking him to pass me the pegs for the washing or by opening the mail box and by passing the letters to me.

By making minor tweaks in my outlook and my everyday routine, not only do I bring Jake more giggles but I’m smiling more too.

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