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Innovation in Design: What Makes Bobux's XPLORER Range So Different?



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Innovation in Design: What Makes Bobux's XPLORER Range So Different?

What makes that perfect kids shoe? You know the one. It glides onto your child’s foot without their making a word of complaint. It’s so comfy your toddler barely notices them – and certainly won’t try to kick them off. In essence, they’re hassle-free, for both bub AND you.

Let’s be honest, the only time kids are comfortable in their own shoes is, well, when they’re not wearing any shoes at all – which is incidentally the best way to allow those little feet to grow too!

But that’s why Bobux’s XPLORER range is unique; it mimics barefoot play while protecting your child’s soft sole from rough ground. This range is so comfortable, you’ll want a pair on your own feet (sorry guys, we only make ‘em up to size 22).

Here are some of the things that set the XPLORER range apart:

Easy to get on and off

Trying to get shoes on your child can be enough to bring you to tears. And any mum will attest to the watershed spilt by a fidgeting child too ready to play to sit still for a shoe fitting.

We’ve sure had enough experience in this field to know that easy application is paramount to a successful sneaker. That’s why we made sure our XPLORER shoes will glide on the squirmiest of feet, thanks to their elastic and Velcro closures.

Even better, XPLORERs are designed to stay on so you don’t have to endure the Easter egg hunt through the playground to find that missing right shoe.

Top quality materials

An uncomfortable shoe can leave your child with that same look of discontent they give you when you’re trying to spoon feed them mushy broccoli (psst, we don’t like it either kids!).

Here at Bobux we use either 100% leather or cotton canvas for the XPLORER uppers so they can be versatile, comfortable and stylish. The XPLORER lining is no different; in the Arctic we use only the finest merino to ensure warmth and comfort.

Flexible toe caps

Being a little tot an active business. Even if they can only toddle, your child will want to be constantly on the move, whether it’s wobbling on two unsure legs while clutching to the nearest piece of furniture or crawling through the sand box. They’ve experience their first taste of mobility and they’re lusting for greater freedom!

The XPLORER’s flexible soles and abrasion resistant micro armour toe cap make sure your bub’s entire foot – including those tiny toes – is protected during play. We also make sure these soles are top quality so they resist excessive wear and tear.

Lightweight soles

EVA soles is just a fancy term for quality, lightweight and ultra-flexible soles. They are designed to maximise comfort and balance, crucial to your child’s developing feet.

They’re also incredibly lightweight, which means your child will feel like they’re wearing gloves on their feet. We’re sure that this’ll be a weight off their shoulders…and their feet.


We can’t quite believe it ourselves … how can we pack all those fancy features into a shoe and still keep the style trendy? It helps that, much like the children who wear our shoes, we embrace creativity and strive to find a harmonious balance between style and substance. Our efforts were even rewarded with thefor XPLORER’s style and design in early 2015.

One obvious way we care about style is through colour and XPLORER shoes are available in more colours than a packet of Skittles. We’ve had great feedback from kids and parents alike about this variety.

Check out our extensive range of XPLORER kids shoes today and enjoy watching your child get more confident on his or her own two feet!