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Bobux Introduces Solene Roure



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Bobux Introduces Solene Roure

We’ve had our own design revolution here at Bobux, with our latest chic Fashion Forward range of kids’ shoes hitting the shelves.

And we couldn’t have done it without the esteemed French fashion designer Solène Roure, who we are so stoked to have on board! You know you’re onto something when you start collaborating with a woman whose portfolio includes Nike, Lacoste and Louis Vuitton.

Solène Roure knows how to make kids’ shoes stylish in an understated way. We sat down for a Q&A with her to find out where she gets her dedication and inspiration for fashion design (… OK, and to bask in her presence too)…

Bobux Talks to Solene Roure

What inspires you?

Inspiration to me is focused around how my work makes people feel. I want them to be happy, just as I am inspired by the happiness around me.

What does design mean to you?

Design is when beautiful materials and practical elements come together into one to form something high quality and useful … a synergistic approach to both form and function.

Environmental implications of my designs is also a key consideration of my work. Although technology is still new, one day I dream of being able to create a shoe which, after use, can be buried in the ground and a few weeks later, a tree will grow from the shoe. I love the idea of giving back to the environment.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic is to create a product that is simple and effortless but with an element of fun. My goal with Bobux is to create a product that is simple enough to be worn all the time, but unique enough to make the person wearing it feel really special. The printed leather graphic is a key element to tie together the form and function of this range.

I am excited to create active shoes that are easy to get on and off, with good use of colours and materials. I loved the properties of the Blaze sole, so we started with that, but I wanted an upper that worked for a more European lifestyle.

The emphasis on graphics was key. The idea was to create fun stories that would appeal to both parents and kids on different levels. The fact that most graphics look hand-drawn not only looks nice to the adult and appears ‘crafted’, it is also meant to inspire the child to get up and play.

Who are some other designers you like?

I like to keep on top of global design trends and I tend to follow independent designers rather than large, big chain brands.

My favourites are from all over the world and include Raquel Allegra (LA), Zanzan eyewear (UK), Kowtow clothing (NZ) and Peir Wu (UK). I also follow design studios such as Arro Studio in Paris, and Loris & Livia in London.

What are you into right now, design-wise?

I try not to be too inspired by other designers’ aesthetics, but more by lifestyle and new production methods.

Right now people want it all: style, comfort, versatility all in one. I believe future products will be a mixture of handcraft and seamless machine work, which is something I really want to explore.

What do you do in your day to day work life?

Being a design consultant, I am lucky to have different missions every day, which keeps things versatile and interesting.

When I am not travelling for meetings or factory visits I often start my day with a coffee from All Press in Dalston, London. I try to squeeze in some gym sessions and commute on my bike – when I am not running late or super busy! I have a home studio, so spend most of my day working there – and when I can, I try to have meetings at Shoreditch house.

When I have free time I love to bake – if I ever had to quit design, I would love to become a baker.

What excites you about working with Bobux?

I have really enjoyed working with the Bobux team! Everyone I have met and collaborated with at Bobux is so nice, and the excitement about the brand is so genuine.

Their brand philosophy reflects that. Bobux is a positive brand who has the wellbeing of the children wearing their shoes at the heart of their design. It has been great to work with them and help take the product to a new place, while also keeping the great values of Bobux founding philosophy at the heart of the design.