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The Best Baby Shoes for Crawlers



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The Best Baby Shoes for Crawlers

There is something about watching babies grow and develop. It seems like just yesterday you brought them home and all of a sudden they have become a little person.

As they begin to move by themselves, it’s enough to fill you with awe. Once they start crawling their development begins to snowball.

That’s why it’s so important to give them the best start in life with the right shoes for crawling. Do babies need shoes and what kinds of shoes are best? Make the best decision for little rascal in your life.

When Do Babies Crawl?

Babies normally learn to crawl between 6-10 months. All babies are different, so the timeline can be different from bub to bub.

At this age, babies will crawl on hands and knees before they start cruising, and eventually attempting to walk.

Pre-walkers will explore their surroundings, crawling from room to room, following you around the house, but they have not taken that first step.

The fact that they crawl everywhere means their feet need protection, especially if they are headed outside or to daycare.

Little Boy Wearing Bobux Shoes

The Best Shoes for Crawlers are Soft Soles

The best shoes for crawlers are shoes designed with a soft sole. Back in the day, when Bobux was founded- the only shoe option for babies was hard, inflexible soled shoes.

But cramming babies soft, developing feet into rigid footwear just isn’t good for developing feet and it is a mistake lots of parents make.

Soft soles are designed with the needs of pre-walkers in mind. They are super comfortable and leave plenty of room for growing feet to spread out and move. The Soft Sole shoes serve as a kind of second skin, which helps protect their feet, while also allowing them to move freely. That is why our soft sole shoes are endorsed by Podiatrists!

Soft soles are a lot like going barefoot. They allow little feet to grip and splay, and won't hinder their attempts at walking.

What to Look for in Shoes for Little Feet

Soft sole shoes are designed with only one goal in mind, to promote comfort and the healthy development of your little troublemaker’s feet.

The best shoes for crawlers are shoes that are made from premium materials, like soft leather and suede. They need to be flexible, comfortable and breathable.

In summer, choosing a sandal will keep little feet cool, while in winter you might opt for a warmer boot. Soft soles can be worn with or without socks and separate wool inners can be purchased to add a bit of extra warmth over the cooler winter months.

Soft sole shoes should have elastic collars, so they’re not too tight, but won’t fall off when you go on an adventure to the supermarket.

Balloon on a String Navy Shoes

Our soft sole shoes don’t inhibit movement, and they come in cool designs that little kids love. From pretty colours to adorable styles, there is a soft sole shoe for every occasion.

They're great for every day wear, whether that’s spending time at home, at the park or off to daycare.

Bobux has an extensive range of cool and comfy shoes for every age, every stage. Whether you’re hell-raiser is still crawling, or taking their first steps, you can browse Bobux’s full range now. Shop our soft sole shoes today, or find more advice on the Bobux blog.