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What Are the Best Baby Accessories & Clothes for My Newborn?



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What Are the Best Baby Accessories & Clothes for My Newborn?

When you have your first child, you realise pretty quickly that you want nothing but the best for them in every aspect of their lives.

But when you’re new to this child-rearing world, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing exactly what essentials you want for the newest member of your family.

So we’ve collaborated with Nature Baby to bring you this list of baby essentials – the best baby accessories and clothes you need for your bub.

Read on to learn about why it’s so important to keep your baby’s most important items organic, comfortable and natural.

The Best Baby Clothes

newborn in organic baby clothes

Nature Baby: Pure organic or natural fabrics are best for baby as they are soft, breathable and durable. Certified organic cotton is grown and processed without the use of any harmful chemicals, leaving nothing on baby’s skin except pure goodness.

The fabric is super fine and soft, durable and easy to care for. It also ensures the garments are produced ethically, looking after the earth and its workers too.

Merino wool is an essential for keeping little one snug; it insulates, absorbs moisture, and breathes, helping to regulate body temperature which is still adapting to the outside world in the early stages.

In their first few weeks and months, babies will spend most of their time in and out of sleep, so it’s important that what they wear is very comfortable and allows for easy dressing and nappy changes too.

Some of our top picks for newborns are the kimono style, which wraps around baby rather than going over their head; sleeping gowns which have a drawstring tie for the easiest nappy changes; or the classic long sleeve bodysuit with an envelope neck for easy dressing.

We like to use eco-friendly laundry powders and detergents that don’t contain harmful chemicals that can irritate baby’s delicate skin. We recommend Earthwise or Ecostore, and always use a liquid wool detergent for your merino.

The Best Baby Accessories for Bed

nature baby accessories for the nursery

Nature Baby: As your little one will spend so much time sleeping in their first few months, you want to ensure their sleeping environment is nice and cosy, and free from any harmful chemicals. Bedding and sleepwear that’s breathable and free from synthetics or chemical residues is important for a healthy beginning.

Top picks for bedtime:

1. Sleeping bag – keeps baby warm and comfortable throughout the night, ensuring they don’t wriggle out of their blankets!

2. A natural mattress – free from any nasties and allows for maximum air flow. Don’t forget a wool mattress cover, rather than plastic, to ensure warmth as well as breathability through the mattress.

3. An easily transportable first bed – such as a Moses basket - so you can have baby with you either in your room, their nursery, or the living area throughout the day and night. Remember to choose one made from natural fibres or with non-toxic finishes.

What You Need to Keep Them Clean

nature baby natural bath products

Nature Baby: As baby’s skin is at least three times more sensitive and absorbent that an adult’s, it’s important you are careful of what skincare and care products you use.

There are many bath products out there containing a concoction of chemicals and synthetic foaming agents, so always make sure you look for alternatives made from natural and botanical ingredients.

One of our favourite products is the natural baby bodywash, a gentle hair and body wash containing essential oils to soothe and nourish baby’s skin, including lavender as a healing antiseptic and aloe vera to moisturise.

For new little babies, we always recommend the goats milk soap with Manuka honey as its super gentle, nourishing and non-allergenic.

And don’t forget a few natural toys for bath time fun!

The Best Shoes for Baby

barefoot baby feet

None! That’s right; this one’s a trick category, because the best shoes for your newborn are really no shoes at all !

With the tendons, bones, and ligaments in your baby’s feet developing through use alone, it’s best their feet are left to grow in freedom. No cumbersome shoes.

But sometimes, you might want to pop something over those chubby toes just to keep them warm. On those occasions, soft soles are best. They come with a soft leather sole designed to help your baby’s feet do everything they need to grow as nature intended.

Learn more about our designer range of kids’ shoes made for healthy foot development on the Bobux blog today!

Nature Baby provides a world that nurtures you, your baby, and nature. This baby brand is inspired to find natural and organic alternatives for all your baby's needs. They take care in what they select to ensure you're getting baby products that are pure, high quality, long-lasting, useful, and caring.