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5 Back To School Must-Haves



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5 Back To School Must-Haves
As the ease of holidays wears off, it's time to make sure that everything is in order - this includes ensuring your child is ready for school. Any parent knows the importance of checking that kids have everything they need. Things get worn out, grown out of, misplaced, broken, and lost. Thus it is essential to start every term by checking what you have, what you don't have, and what you need to get. Let's have a look at five must-have back to school items.

1. Bright Print School Bag

A high-quality school bag is a must for any child. Furthermore, a brightly-coloured bag with a bold and original design is a great way to enliven school uniforms. This fun yellow backpack from Penny Scallan is scratch and water resistant with an easy-wipe outer surface. Their line of bags are designed from the highest quality materials and the original, vibrant designs are full of personality!

Penny Scallan Top Loader Backpack - Park Life - Bobux back to school must haves

2. Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Slowly yet steadily plastic is on its way out. When it comes to food storage, luckily there are great alternatives. While glass containers may not be the best for packing kids’ lunches and snacks, stainless steel lunch boxes couldn’t be better as they are durable, nature-friendly, and easy to clean. This leak-proof lunch box features double-decker containers and a miniature container perfect for separating sandwiches and treats.

Earth Mama Stainless Steel Double Decker Bento Lunchbox - Bobux back to school must haves

3. Puppy Design Pencil Case

Truth is, school isn’t always great fun so adding small bits and bobs that introduce a bit of joy in your child’s day at school is always a great idea. Like this puppy dog pencil case. Not only does it stand out with its playful pug design, but can also be customised with stickers. Moreover, its upright design makes finding the right pencil easy-peasy.

Cotton On Standing Pencil Case Pug - Bobux back to school must haves

4. Waterproof Raincoat

Rain, rain go away… Unfortunately, rain is a part of life - even in Summer! But there is no way it will ever stop people from carrying on with their daily lives. And while kids seem to enjoy rain more than adults, no parent wants to see their child go to school soaking wet. Brollies are great, but sometimes a bit of a nuisance as kids tend to be forgetful. That’s when a sturdy raincoat comes in handy. This see-through dinosaur printed raincoat from Marks & Spencer boasts an easy zip-up front and handy pockets. Your little scholar will be wishing for rain every day!

Marks & Spencer Dinosaurs Hooded Raincoat - Bobux back to school must haves

5. Bobux Sandals

Everything starts with feet - especially for children who grow so quickly. Footwear has an immense role to play in children’s lives, from everyday comfort to the correct development of feet and posture. Especially during school days, it is essential to make sure that kids are wearing shoes that are good for them. For nearly thirty years we’ve been caring for children’s feet by creating shoes that are not only created with utmost care and health-centric approach but also using the highest quality materials and award-winning designs. Our range of Kid+ sandals let feet breathe as they adjust into life in the classroom, and the pared-back styling perfectly accompanies all schoolwear. The Roam sandal is a favourite for school with its closed-in toe providing extra protection for growing feet.

Bobux Roam sandal navy kid+ - Bobux back to school must haves